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AUM Global services are one of the pioneer educational consultancies that aims to fulfil the dreams and aspirations of millions of students who want to pursue higher education in overseas countries.

We are committed to provide high quality service to all our customers and clients so that they can study at the University of their Choice in the overseas country.

Our Vision and Mission:

We at AUM Global services have the vision of becoming one of the leading educational consultancies in India and we are trying very hard to open new centres in the different cities of India.

Our Vision is to make the students realize their dream of being able to study abroad. We are trying to make this dream a reality for as many students possible.

We have a mission to provide the best consultancy to the students who want to study abroad.

Our Associations:

We have connections with many of the universities in the foreign countries and we invite the administrative head of the external affairs department to come over to India and conduct seminars where they share all the valuable information about their university.

We want to analyse the potential of each of our students and try and place them in the University that is best suited for them. We have qualified educational consultants who can provide adequate guidance about the unique features of the different universities and how they are best suited to cater to your specific needs.

Our People:

We have a board of Directors who have studied and worked abroad. They have trained the staff in such a manner that they can provide proper guidance to the different students.

We have a highly qualified and trained faculty who help the students to select the university according to their particular qualification and choice. They highlight the unique features of the top universities and try to see how you can gain admission in any one of them.

They help you with tips about the entrance examinations. They also conduct mock interviews so that you can feel confident to face the final round of the visa interview.

Our Values and Services:

We at AUM Global Services focus upon certain core values like integrity, honesty, transparency and hard work.

We want each of our employees to inculcate these values and provide their best services. Our aim is to offer best service to all our clients and customers. We want to help our customers and try our best to solve all their queries. We want to develop a relationship of mutual trust and confidence with our customers.

We are trying to interact with the university heads of the foreign countries in more numbers and we are getting an insight into the nature of scholarship that is provided by the different universities. Our faculty provides classes and counselling sessions so that you can learn about the different scholarship programmes.

We have far been able to send quite a few numbers of students to pursue their higher education abroad. We are now trying to increase the number and send as many students as possible to study in the top universities in overseas countries.

Our Services

Graduate Visa

I am student who have completed my studies in Australia...

General Skilled Visa

I am a skilled person and want to live and work indefinetly in Australia...

Employer Sponsored Visa

My business needs to sponsor employees to work in Australia...

Family Visas

I want to sponsor a partner or family member in Australia...

Business Immigration

I want to open a Business or invest in Australia...

Visa Reviews and Appeals

Has your visa been
cancelled or refused ?

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