We are the pioneers in providing consultancy to students who aspire to follow their dreams to study in the overseas universities. We are the AUM Global services and we have been helping millions of Indian students in choosing the top universities and the subjects for future studies in overseas countries.

The countries we cover include Australia, United States of America, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada and Singapore. We have a very highly qualified faculty comprising mainly of counselors who provide the students best counselling in selecting the top universities according to the subjects which meet their criterion. We provide the necessary assistance to the students with their Visa application as well. We have highly trained staff who give guidance to the students from the beginning in choosing the visa forms and filling them up in the correct manner so that their visa gets approved in the very first go.

We organise regular seminars where the aspiring students who want to pursue further studies in overseas universities get to hear lectures from our educated faculty. They provide important information to the students in the seminars by telling them about the different subjects which are taught in the universities and how they can benefit if they study in the top universities.

If the students take the training from our institute then they will surely score very high grades which will increase their chances of studying in the top universities in overseas countries.

We at AUM global services follow certain core values like hard work, dedication, honesty and transparency and we want to inculcate these values in our services and provide the best to our customers. We want to develop a relationship of mutual trust and confidence with our customers and do our level best to help them with all their queries.

We give proper guidance to the students about the banks and financial institution from where they can get the required education loans. We guide them about how they should apply for the loan so that they get their loan sanctioned in the most hassle free manner.

We also provide valuable information about the different scholarship schemes which are offered by the various universities and what are the requirements that they should meet in order to avail the scholarships. We inform the students about the fee structure of the different universities.

At AUM Global services, we are committed to our duties and responsibilities and want all our students to get an opportunity to pursue higher education in the reputed universities in the different countries that have been mentioned above. We are trying to open a network of counselling centres across the whole of India so that we can enable more students to study abroad.

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Family Visas

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