Pre Assessment

This particular phase is quite critical and fundamental in terms of increasing your chances of getting the Visa Approval in a hassle free manner. The immigration department of every country has set a few eligibility conditions for worldwide immigration applicants in terms of applicant’s Educational Qualifications, Experience, Age, Economic position, etc. Hence, in case your profile does not fulfill the eligibility conditions, it’s likely to get stuck or rejected.

Our Immigration Experts at Aum Global carefully analyze and assess your profile with respect to the eligibility conditions of your immigration destination, i.e. Australia, Canada, New-Zealand, USA, UK, Denmark, South Africa, Hong Kong, Germany, etc. After thorough Pre-Assessment of your profile, our immigration expert suggests you the most suitable visa category or destination as per your profile to maximize your Visa Approval rate to the maximum.

It ultimately saves your time and effort, as applying for the relevant Visa Category or immigration destination not only guarantees the success of your Visa Application, but also eliminates the possibility rejection chance, which may occur if you send your application without Pre-Assessment of your Profile. So, contact us today, for complete Pre-Assessment of your profile and vital advice in terms of your Visa Application.

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Our Services

Graduate Visa

I am student who have completed my studies in Australia...

General Skilled Visa

I am a skilled person and want to live and work indefinetly in Australia...

Employer Sponsored Visa

My business needs to sponsor employees to work in Australia...

Family Visas

I want to sponsor a partner or family member in Australia...

Business Immigration

I want to open a Business or invest in Australia...

Visa Reviews and Appeals

Has your visa been
cancelled or refused ?

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