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Visa Refusal & Appeals

If your visa has been cancelled or if you have received notice from Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), we recommend you seek professional advice to ensure the accurate and appropriate solution for your case.

We can assist you with counter submissions on your behalf after careful consideration of your situation and suggest best possible solutions for the successful outcome.

Our expert specializes in visa refusals and cancellation and has intensive knowledge of process and procedures for stress-free appeal.

Visa Refusals

We understand that visa refusal can be stressful and devastating, therefore we would recommend opting for expert advice in order to understand your situation fairly.

In many cases, there is possibility to appeal a DIBP decision, but this requires thorough knowledge and experience of immigration and appeal procedures.

The appeal can be lodged via the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). Based on the circumstances AAT will consider visa-related decisions, including refusals and cancellations. These appeal applications need to be filed within 28 days from the date of refusal/notice to be considered.

The AAT has the authority to:

To uphold the DIBP’s decision
Disagree the decision
Make new decision
Advice DIBP to reconsider the case with specific instructions

Visa Cancellations

The DIBP can refuse the visa for several reasons; does not meet Character or Health requirements or provided false or misleading information.

The Australian immigration laws are very stricter regarding the meeting certain criteria for migration visa purpose. We would suggest you, to be honest, and fair in your application to avoid any circumstances of visa refusal or cancellations

It is your sole responsibility to maintain your visa conditions and adhere to the visa conditions, failure to do so may result in detention and legal consequences.

Appeals Procedure

AAT has stricter time limits for filing an appeal application this time limit cannot be extended, therefore you should expert legal advice immediately after you receive the unfavorable visa decision.

The appeal procedure will require making an application within 28 days of refusal/notice. In case of detention, the application needs to be made within 7 days.

Once the application is filed and indicative fees are paid, AAT will review the application.

The application fee can be reduced to if the AAT:
If the decision is made in your favor
or if AAT is convinced that the payment of fees has led to cause severe financial hardship

If your application for review is termed as invalid by AAT, the entire amount of fees will be refunded.

In case you withdraw your application there is limited certainty that AAT will refund of full fees.

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