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For international students, Australia is one of the most popular destinations. Many students choose to stay in the country after completing their degree or even apply for permanent residency.

Australia is currently struggling with a skills shortage that means the country is accepting overseas candidates. From July 2023, Australia plans to extend its post-study work visas by two years. This may create new opportunities for international students studying in the country who want to stick around after completing their courses.

If you're the one who wants to extend your time in Australia, then there is a wide variety of options present in the current world. It's your choice, whether you opt for a short course, Master's, professional degree, you can apply for an extension of your student visa from within Australia.

It is obvious that studying in Australia can improve your communication skills, offer the chance to achieve your dreams. However, to remain in Australia, a student needs to legally extend their stay in the country. To extend your student visa, you are required to submit your renewal application between four months and six months before it expires.

If you're worried about the process of student visa then there is a simple process that you can do all by yourself. Consult the best immigration experts i.e Aum Global, you are required to collect all the relevant documents.


The Australian government's revised work restrictions for student visa holders, effective from 1 July 2023, limit students to working no more than 48 hours per fortnight. This change serves a twofold purpose. Firstly, it ensures that international students concentrate on their education, reinforcing Australia's reputation for quality education. The limitations aim to strike a balance between academics and work experience, encouraging students to seek part-time employment relevant to their field of study. This hands-on experience will equip them with practical skills, enhancing their employability post-graduation. Secondly, these restrictions address Australia's workforce needs. They help manage labor supply in various industries, ensuring equitable opportunities for local and international workers, while also guarding against potential exploitation. In essence, these changes promise a holistic approach to the well-being and contributions of international students, promoting both personal and economic growth.

Required Documents to extend a student visa:

  • Birth Certificate.
  • Passport identity page (i.e. every page with visa sample & immigration stamp)
  • National identity Card.
  • All pages of household registration book, and.
  • A CV (certified by the local authorities)
  • Marriage certificate (for married students)
  • OSHC Policy Number.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A student visa extension in Australia allows international students to continue their studies beyond the expiration date of their current student visa. It is also known as renewing a study permit.

The duration of a student visa extension in Australia typically depends on the length of your course. You will usually receive an extension that allows you to complete your current course or continue your studies.

It's crucial to apply for a student visa extension well before your current visa expires. You can submit your application for an extension 3 to 6 months before your current visa's expiry date.

To apply for a student visa extension in Australia, you will generally need the following documents:

A valid passport

Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) from your educational institution

Proof of financial capacity to support yourself during your extended stay

Health insurance coverage (Overseas Student Health Cover - OSHC)

A statement explaining the reasons for your visa extension request

A Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement
English language proficiency test results, if required
Visa application fee payment


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