Comprehensive Guide to Recent Changes in Australia's Immigration Policy for 2023-24


In a much-anticipated move, Clare O'Neil, the Australian Home Affairs Minister, has unveiled a comprehensive review of Australia's immigration policies. This review, long-awaited by many stakeholders, aims to address the shortcomings of the current system and pave the way for a more efficient and equitable immigration framework.

Key Highlights of the Review:

  1. Raising the Minimum Salary Threshold: One of the significant changes outlined in the review is the increase in the salary threshold for immigrants seeking sponsorship. Effective July 1, 2023, the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) will be raised to $70,000, up from the previous $53,000. This adjustment reflects the government's commitment to ensuring that migrants are fairly compensated for their contributions to the Australian workforce.

  1. Pathway to Permanent Residency for Skilled Temporary Workers: In a move aimed at encouraging skilled temporary workers to put down roots in Australia, the review proposes granting them an opportunity to apply for permanent residency. This change, expected to be implemented by the end of 2023, will make the process of obtaining permanent residency more accessible and competitive for skilled migrants.

  1. Introduction of Three Tiers for Migration: To streamline the immigration system and cater to the diverse needs of migrants, the review suggests dividing the system into three tiers. The first tier will focus on attracting high-earning workers through a streamlined process, while the second tier will cater to middle-income earners seeking skilled migration opportunities. The third tier will prioritize essential industries, ensuring that Australia's workforce remains robust and resilient.

  1. Streamlining Visa Types: Recognizing the complexity of Australia's current visa system, which boasts over 100 visa subclasses, the review recommends simplifying and streamlining visa types. By aligning visa requirements with long-term economic contributions, the revised system aims to attract migrants who can make meaningful contributions to Australia's economy and society.

  1. Supporting International Students: International students play a vital role in Australia's skilled migration landscape. To retain these talented individuals post-graduation, the review proposes the introduction of an immediate graduate visa. This visa will enable international students to remain in Australia and contribute their skills and expertise to the workforce without delay.

  1. Revamping Australia's Points System: The review emphasizes the need to overhaul Australia's points-based migration system to ensure that it effectively identifies and selects candidates who can thrive in the Australian context. By refining the selection criteria, the revised points system will enable Australia to attract migrants who possess the skills and attributes needed to drive economic growth and innovation.

In conclusion, the review of Australia's immigration policies heralds a new era of opportunity and reform. With a focus on fairness, efficiency, and economic prosperity, these changes are poised to reshape Australia's immigration landscape for the better. Whether you're a skilled worker, an international student, or an employer, now is the time to familiarize yourself with these changes and explore the opportunities they present.