Guide to Getting Permanent Residency in Australia for Indians


For Indians seeking permanent residency, Australia remains a popular choice due to its high quality of life and multicultural society. A permanent residency (PR) visa in Australia is valid for five years and allows you to work and live with your family anywhere in the country. After living on a PR visa for three years, you can even apply for Australian citizenship. If you are considering getting Australia permanent residency from India, here is a step-by-step guide to the process.

Choose the Appropriate Category

There are over 40 Australian visas that allow you to work and live continuously in the country. Here's a quick rundown of some of the most common visa categories for migrating to Australia:

  • Family Stream Permanent Residency: You may be eligible to immigrate to Australia if you have a family member who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

  • Work Stream Permanent Residency: This category offers various options for obtaining permanent residency in Australia, including:

    • Employer-Sponsored Visas: When a foreign national is sponsored to work in Australia by an Australian employer.

    • General Skilled Migration: For individuals who are not sponsored by an Australian employer but have skills that are valued in the country.

    • Skill Select: For workers who have skills that Australia is in need of.

Check if You Meet the Eligibility Criteria

As the first step, you must check if you meet the eligibility criteria for the PR visa. To apply for a PR visa, you must score at least 65 points under the Points Grid. Here's how points are allocated:

  • Age (25-33 years): 30 points

  • English Proficiency (8 bands): 20 points

  • Work Experience outside Australia (8-10 years) or in Australia (8-10 years): 15 points or 20 points, respectively

  • Education (outside Australia) Doctorate Degree: 20 points

  • Niche Skills such as Doctorate or Master's Degree in Australia: 5 points

  • Study in a Regional Area, Accredited in Community Language, Professional Year in a Skilled Program in Australia, State Sponsorship (190 visa): 5 points each

Apply Under the Visa Category You Have Selected

Once you have verified that you meet all the conditions, you can apply for a visa under the category you have selected. Applications can be downloaded or submitted online at the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) website. Most applications require the submission of supporting documents and payment of an application fee. Double-check that everything is complete before sending your application.

Wait for a Decision on Your Application

The processing time for your application can vary depending on the visa you apply for and how busy DHA is with processing applications. You may have to wait several weeks or months for a decision.

Get Your Invitation to Apply (ITA)

If your application meets all the conditions, you will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for your PR visa. The Australian government organizes invitation rounds for PR applicants on a monthly basis, and ITAs may vary depending on the number of applications received.

Send in Your PR Application

Within 60 days of receiving your ITA, submit your PR application. Ensure that all supporting documentation for processing your PR visa is included. This includes personal documents, immigration documents, and work experience documents.

Obtain Your Clearance Certificates

Next, submit your police and medical clearance certificates. You must undergo a medical examination and submit your medical clearance certificate.

Obtain Your Visa Grant

The final step is to receive your visa grant. Once you have your visa, you are free to enter and depart Australia as long as your visa is valid. Other benefits of permanent residency include the right to work, the right to apply for citizenship, the right to free public education, the ability to sponsor family members to immigrate to Australia, and the right to travel freely between Australia and New Zealand.

In conclusion, obtaining permanent residency in Australia is a significant achievement for Indians seeking to live and work in a country with a high quality of life and a diverse society. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can increase your chances of successfully obtaining a PR visa and starting a new life in Australia.