Important Update for International Students: Genuine Student Requirement


In a recent development, the Australian Government has announced the replacement of the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement with a Genuine Student (GS) requirement for the grant of a Student visa. This change is part of the Migration Strategy released on 11 December 2023 and is set to take effect for Student visa applications lodged on or after 23 March 2024.

The new GS requirement aims to identify students with a genuine intention to obtain a quality education in Australia, without reference to any future intention to migrate. This change follows consultations with representatives of the education sector and is designed to streamline the application process.

Key points regarding the GS requirement include:

  • Student visa applications lodged before 23 March 2024 will be assessed under existing arrangements.

  • The GTE requirement will continue to apply to Student Guardian visa applicants.

  • The 300-word statement in the Student visa application form will be replaced with targeted questions aimed at providing visa decision-makers with a better understanding of the applicant's circumstances and reasons for studying in Australia.

The intended questions will cover various aspects, including details of the applicant's current circumstances, reasons for choosing Australia as a study destination, benefits of the chosen course, study history, and reasons for applying for a Student visa. Applicants will also be required to confirm their understanding of what it means to be a genuine student, their commitment to comply with visa conditions, and their understanding of post-study pathways to permanent migration.

Additionally, Ministerial Direction No. 69 will be revoked and replaced by two new ministerial directions to ensure a smooth transition to the new GS requirement.

Education providers and potential applicants will receive further information about these changes through the Department of Home Affairs website, social media channels, and outreach activities closer to the implementation date of 23 March 2024.

In addition to the GS requirement, changes are also being considered for English language requirements for Student and Temporary Graduate visa applicants. More information on these changes will be provided as the Department finalizes consultations with stakeholders.